Workforce Productivity - Personnel Scheduling for Public Service Applications

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Servizi Pubblici

In view of empty public coffers, efficient personnel planning solutions are sought throughout the public sector. Overtime must be avoided and, at the same time, suitably qualified staff lined up to compensate for absences due to illness and other unplannable events. A greater number of flexible labor time models might help; however such models are often associated with considerable administrative effort. This type of scheduling is getting even more intensive since different work contracts, collective labor agreements, flexible scheduling and staff preferences must all be taken into account. Interflex has 20 years of experience with personnel logistics data applied in various workforce segments and is able to provide the public service sector with solutions for demand-oriented personnel scheduling. As an example, the Web Terminal, one of our software solutions, is a module that allows employees to update records, entering their own shift preferences, days off and vacation. High scheduling reliability as well as data protection and privacy are ensured by a precise administration of access rights. Input errors are minimized and allowances made for approvals and similar operational restrictions. Our personnel scheduling solutions create a needs-oriented shift schedule incorporating employees’ shift preferences and the information supplied by the personnel department – including applicable collective labor agreements and labor time models. This shift schedule also includes options allowing the user to modify arrangements in the event of unexpected absences.
At the press of a button, overviews and statistics on the current status of planning can be uploaded and customized.

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Workforce Productivity for Contact and Support Centers

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Contact Center


Only those who understand the complexity will be able to master the details. 
Workforce Management alone no longer meets the demands of today’s call-­center market. Hours worked in regard to ‘‘supply and demand’’ has become too simplistic. Stiff competition and a highly-specialized workforce mandates comprehensive solutions that are as unique and flexible in their implementation as your company.
Sirius Technology proposes the modular solution of Workforce Productivity, based on the core Sp-Expert and other customized modules. Due to transparency and excellence on all levels, Sp-Expert suite not only enables you to make quality products, but also to earn your customers’’ loyalty, acquiring new customers and yielding better business results.

Workforce Productivity solutions are unique because they employ a multi-dimensional perspective, considering not only all the spheres of influence but also their interaction throughout various planning phases. Specific spheres of influences and leading questions associated with them include:
•• Your company – What kind of company culture would you like to create?
•• Your employees – How shall your employees be integrated into business and planning processes and which communication style shall be applied?
•• Your business – Are you a generalist, a specialist, an in-house Call center or a service provider? And, what are the requirements resulting from the above mentioned for your planning and control ling processes?
•• Your customers –– What measures have to be taken to strengthen your individual customer basis?
Workforce Productivity provides all the relevant data on each sphere of influence and at any phase of the planning process so as to enable you to take the right decisions not only with regard to the long-term strategic approach but also in medium-term tactical management and in operative daily business.
Our Workforce Productivity solutions include the following:
•• Labor time and process management consultancy by industry experts
•• Established management information systems providing the required key figures
•• IT-­solutions on modular basis which can be combined so as to meet your requirements
•• Complete integration into existing systems and process environments
With Workforce Productivity, you rather focus on integrated solutions than on partial ones. Design your market success with Interflex Workforce Productivity solutions.
They help you to always be the decisive step ahead of your competitors.

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Manifatturiero e Industria

Manpower requirements in manufacturing and industrial enterprises chiefly depend on incoming orders and may be subject to seasonal fluctuations. This results in peaks and valleys in demand which must be met by an efficient HR management. Sp-Expert suite provides demand-oriented personnel scheduling solutions to avoid cost-intensive over- and under-staffing. Flexible, open schedule models or staffing leveling required for each machine or workgroups can be determined by the integrated advance personnel scheduling software.
Depending on the solution selected, your order data can even be imported from upstream ERP systems. With the personnel scheduling system, orders can be staffed and fictional accounts generated on the basis sequence optimization. Once the personnel are assigned to a job or project, the target hours required by cost and performance accounting, can be automatically determined and transmitted to associated systems, if there are any.
The integrated graphical user interface (GUI) of the work location schedule allows the scheduler to reschedule employees to other cost centers – and in real time. In this way, it is possible to avoid unnecessary slack periods and expensive overtime. The absencetime calendar can be created for each employee or for any group of employees. Employee absences, whether a planned vacation or an illness, are recorded by the scheduler in the personnel department, so the ramifications immediately cascade through the shift schedule appearance. The automatic staffing level balancing easily allows reorganizing of the shift schedule. In order to respond to shortterm fluctuations in staffing levels, the scheduler can call up a clearly presented schedule and have the additional personnel demand displayed on their monitor at any time. With a few mouse clicks, it is possible to automatically adjust shift schedules, even being alerted to many of the legal and collective labor regulations that affect this schedule arrangement.
With Sp-Expert in place, you are supported in your funded commercial decisions by comprehensive “what if” scenarios.

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Workforce Productivity for Retail Establishments

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The economic situation in retail business has changed for the worse.
Price pressures from mega merchants, expansion in retail space and trends towards concentration on one hand, but then, high insolvency rates and a significant drop in sales on the other hand Changes in the basic conditions, especially having extended shopping hours and introduced new labor time regulations impose a constant pressure on personnel costs. Unpleasant consequences are business closings, the reduction of jobs, worsening of personnel structures as well as rising job stress and the pressure to perform on employee side. While trying to become more service-oriented, the employee has been under increased scrutiny, and – even considering worsening working conditions – is expected to be always friendly and motivated when serving customers. At the same time, it is the employer’s responsibility to provide a good and friendly working atmosphere and acceptable working conditions – particularly in view of the longer working times. Working hours in retail companies were separated from those of office and factory staff a long time ago. Retail workers are much more difficult to schedule as the manpower requirement is subject to considerable fluctuations due to the consumers’ buying behavior. Most important is the availability of a demand-oriented personnel scheduling. This is the only way to ensure adequate staffing levels and a fair distribution of working hours. How many employees are needed? When and where should they report? What skills are required? Besides that, specific departmental needs and different staffing level factors must be considered. Manning hours and staffing levels, minimum staffing levels, budget defaults related to personnel costs, skills, seasonal influences, and Special Offer days must be taken into account for each department. If you are seeking a software solution that provides real-time data, considers all the relevant legal and collective labor agreements and supports you in automating your personnel scheduling, look no further. Workforce Productivity is the solution to meet your requirements. Our knowledge and experiences gained from projects conducted for various retail establishments makes us your competent business partner.

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To keep costs down providing the best possible care for their patients.

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Strutture medico-sanitarie

Classic work time scheduling in the healthcare sector is often an extremely complicated and rather time-consuming job. While staffing must be kept to a minimum to keep costs down, patient care cannot ever be compromised.
In order to provide the best possible care for their patients, the daily routine of doctors, nurses, specialists, clinicians and all other healthcare workers must be scheduled well in advance. This cannot be considered without recognizing the nature of the task – part-time, split time and rotating schedules for many workers, including occasional night shifts, weekend work as well as standby-, function-based or background shifts. For some ‘round-the-clock’ availability – 24 hours a day and at 365 days a year – requires a high degree of flexibility in productive operations and service. The nature of the industry requires it be responsive to emergency situations – not only accidents, but the planning of a person’s working time so that they meet their needs, as well as fulfill their obligations on the job. It is clear that complex time
models and a number of standby systems are needed to achieve such flexibility. In the healthcare workforce, time models and shift systems often overlap or are merged with one another. In some departments or facilities, a conventional scheduling method may be employed, e. g. the classic daily shift schedules for permanent employee groups such as duty nurses, day clinics, intensive care, anesthesia, etc. In other areas, such as hospitals and emergency response, such scheduling might only be good for the core staff. Cross-functional scheduling is often necessary in order to adequately schedule coverage of standby and function-related shifts or background supports across different facilities. Due to changes in legal and collective labor agreements, the well-worn methods seem doomed to failure. The fact that personnel costs are by far the largest billable area in the healthcare sector (60 to 75 percent of the total cost) makes efficient and future-oriented scheduling tools indispensable. In personnel planning of medical professionals, the legal regulations for allowed working time, plus any number of collective labor agreements and specific work agreements must be considered.

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