Visibility on resource effectiveness for greater processing efficiency, to increase revenue and improve passenger experience.

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With the ever-rising number of passengers in airports, coupled with capacity constraints, the need for insight into aspects of operations to optimise and make the right desitions, is ever the more needed now.
With BlipTrack delivering visibility on resource effectiveness, the airport can now make the most of what is available, like optimising processing efficiency, increasing revenue and improving the passenger experience.
With BlipTracks sensor agnostic enterprise solution, managers can now get detailed insights and decision support into running operations smoothly and efficiently. With access to real-time and historical data, they can forecast operations, daily, weekly and even yearly.

BlipTrack sensor-agnostic platform integrates, analyses and visualises data from multiple technologies, including WiFi and Bluetooth sensors, 3D cameras, people counters and other third-party data sources, all in one secure data warehouse.
We use advanced data-mining and predictive modelling analytics, to give you both real-time and historical context-rich data, presented in an intuitive web-based user interface with compelling visualisations.
BlipTrack consists of several advanced modules which are designed to optimize all stages of passenger handling and improve commercial areas. 

From queue predictions and flow measurements to advanced capacity forecasting, the solution provides visibility on resource effectiveness for greater processing efficiency, increased revenue and improved customer experience.

Queue Management

BlipTrack enables airports to evaluate or challenge their KPIs and comply with SLAs by providing accurate queue time, dwell time and flow information.
Thanks to this data, airports can display accurate wait times, thereby creating realistic passenger expectations, reducing their frustrations, and improving their overall airport experience.

Flow Management

To best understand how disruptions or unexpected changes affect standard behaviour, airports require in-depth and cohesive knowledge of passenger flows and dwell times.
With this information, airports can easily add value to existing facilities or when planning new construction and additions, and optimise positioning and layout of signage, retail outlets, services and more.

Capacity Forecasting

BlipTrack uses fully automated data mining to provide always up-to-date passenger volume and show-up profile forecasts.
This information enables airports to accurately scale staffing resources with passenger demand, while at the same time gaining insight on how to efficiently plan future staffing resources, without affecting KPIs.
Milan Malpensa and Linate airports has installed Italy’s first queue measurement system to help manage queues and    improve the airport experience for passengers.

BlipTrack will provide automatic monitoring and measurement of journey and queuing times throughout the airport by tracking passengers’ mobile phone signals, enabling Milan Malpensa to effectively and pro-actively manage terminal operations.

Giorgio Medici, Head of Customer Care at SEA said: “Implementing passenger tracking technology will enable us to deliver a premier passenger experience within our terminals whilst allowing the airport to manage our resources effectively in line with real-time passenger demand. BlipTrack will give us a clear picture of passenger movements, allowing us to provide the best service we can and proactively manage service levels before any issues arise.”

Implementing BlipTrack will have a number of benefits for passengers and SEA staff at Milan Malpensa. The system provides greater insight into the passenger journey allowing airport management to effectively resource in line with demand, enabling more efficient operations at peak periods. As a result, SEA will be able to establish and monitor service levels in order to drive an increase in performance across the airport.

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