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Manifatturiero e Industria

Manpower requirements in manufacturing and industrial enterprises chiefly depend on incoming orders and may be subject to seasonal fluctuations. This results in peaks and valleys in demand which must be met by an efficient HR management. Sp-Expert suite provides demand-oriented personnel scheduling solutions to avoid cost-intensive over- and under-staffing. Flexible, open schedule models or staffing leveling required for each machine or workgroups can be determined by the integrated advance personnel scheduling software.
Depending on the solution selected, your order data can even be imported from upstream ERP systems. With the personnel scheduling system, orders can be staffed and fictional accounts generated on the basis sequence optimization. Once the personnel are assigned to a job or project, the target hours required by cost and performance accounting, can be automatically determined and transmitted to associated systems, if there are any.
The integrated graphical user interface (GUI) of the work location schedule allows the scheduler to reschedule employees to other cost centers – and in real time. In this way, it is possible to avoid unnecessary slack periods and expensive overtime. The absencetime calendar can be created for each employee or for any group of employees. Employee absences, whether a planned vacation or an illness, are recorded by the scheduler in the personnel department, so the ramifications immediately cascade through the shift schedule appearance. The automatic staffing level balancing easily allows reorganizing of the shift schedule. In order to respond to shortterm fluctuations in staffing levels, the scheduler can call up a clearly presented schedule and have the additional personnel demand displayed on their monitor at any time. With a few mouse clicks, it is possible to automatically adjust shift schedules, even being alerted to many of the legal and collective labor regulations that affect this schedule arrangement.
With Sp-Expert in place, you are supported in your funded commercial decisions by comprehensive “what if” scenarios.

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