Workforce Productivity for Retail Establishments

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The economic situation in retail business has changed for the worse.
Price pressures from mega merchants, expansion in retail space and trends towards concentration on one hand, but then, high insolvency rates and a significant drop in sales on the other hand Changes in the basic conditions, especially having extended shopping hours and introduced new labor time regulations impose a constant pressure on personnel costs. Unpleasant consequences are business closings, the reduction of jobs, worsening of personnel structures as well as rising job stress and the pressure to perform on employee side. While trying to become more service-oriented, the employee has been under increased scrutiny, and – even considering worsening working conditions – is expected to be always friendly and motivated when serving customers. At the same time, it is the employer’s responsibility to provide a good and friendly working atmosphere and acceptable working conditions – particularly in view of the longer working times. Working hours in retail companies were separated from those of office and factory staff a long time ago. Retail workers are much more difficult to schedule as the manpower requirement is subject to considerable fluctuations due to the consumers’ buying behavior. Most important is the availability of a demand-oriented personnel scheduling. This is the only way to ensure adequate staffing levels and a fair distribution of working hours. How many employees are needed? When and where should they report? What skills are required? Besides that, specific departmental needs and different staffing level factors must be considered. Manning hours and staffing levels, minimum staffing levels, budget defaults related to personnel costs, skills, seasonal influences, and Special Offer days must be taken into account for each department. If you are seeking a software solution that provides real-time data, considers all the relevant legal and collective labor agreements and supports you in automating your personnel scheduling, look no further. Workforce Productivity is the solution to meet your requirements. Our knowledge and experiences gained from projects conducted for various retail establishments makes us your competent business partner.

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