Designed to make the job of those who manage queue and flow easier, more efficient and more effective.

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Gestione Code e Flussi

BlipTrackTM is an automatic detection and monitoring system. BlipTrack sensors detect mobiles devices, such as smartphones.
By identifying the devices at multiple sensors, specific and accurate statistical information, such as travel times, dwell times and movement patterns become available, without interaction from the users. The system is mainly based on Bluetooth and Wifi technologies (there are also other modules on different technologies) and is developed by Veovo; in partnership with it, Sirius proposes BlipTrack to the Italian market, adding its experience in the personalization of the product proposed to the customer. BlipTrackTM finds application in different sectors:


Sirius Technology is Italian Partner of Veovo for:  


The next generation of fraud prevention

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Prevenzione frodi

Financial criminals are constantly seeking for new avenues to commit fraud. To meet this challenge, financial service providers are requiring increased access to data resources to effectively detect and stop fraud, and identify new trends. RiskShield provides a reliable, fast and responsive anti-fraud solution to meet these requirements and protect your organization against financial crime and cyber attacks.

RiskShield offers a flexible and highly configurable risk assessment and fraud prevention solution which monitors a variety of products and channels in banking, payments and cards processing services.  The insurance industry also benefits from RiskShield's protective services.

Solutions based on RiskShield™ have been deployed in the following markets:

Sirius Technology is Italian Partner of INFORM Software for: 


You can bring your personnel requirements and the personal qualities and interests of your employees into perfect balance.

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Pianificazione Risorse Umane

Nowadays in labor-intensive companies the “human resources” is not only gaining more and more relevance, but it is the focus of future optimization efforts. The contribution of the single human resources becomes a key factor to increase the competitiveness.

SP-Expert of Interflex GmbH is the personnel scheduling solution natively oriented to optimization and fully integrated with company’s administrative systems.
SP-Expert allows to increase the quality of company services reducing at the same time personnel related costs and making the whole organization more efficient. It is a powerful control system which permits to manage the whole planning process during its phases: strategic, tactic, operational.
With SP-Expert each department can manage all the company data related to the usage of the “human capital”.
Both employee scheduling information and given service accounting data are always up-to-date and available to whom are in charge.
All key indicators can be easily monitored: figures concerning demand coverage, personnel related costs, working time accounts and balances, training hours, absence and attendance scheduling and trends are available at a glance.

Sp-Expert is used in following segments:

Sirius Technology is Italian Partener of Interflex and Plano for: 




Awareness, punctuality and efficiency in airport ground operations

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Gestione Risorse Aeroportuali

Airport operations and logistics consist of multiple, complex and intertwined processes, which must be duly planned, synchronized and executed like the elements of a symphonic concert.IT systems have become a crucial factor to provide accurate service performance at competitive costs.
In a world of low-price air transportation and tight fare structures, rising operating costs can only be matched with effective operations on the ground.
The modular and integrated airport management system GroundStar is key to meet the challenge of efficient operations.
Due to the long lead times in airport construction the resources planning process begins years ahead of the day of operation, and it must be redone and maintained alongside an always-changing environment.
When the day of operation approaches, too-frequent irregularities must be handled in such a way that negative effects on the overall service performance and on the cost of the operation are avoided or at least minimized, while looking after the safety and security of the operation.

GroundStar is structured in streamlined Core Processes which cover the various phases of the on-going operation.
Because of the diversity of the many areas involved in this operation, GroundStar provides additional, specialized support to the individual areas through Application Packages which address each area's specific operational needs.
To integrate itself within the environment in which it operates, GroundStar also offers Integration Packages including both predefined integration and interfacing options, and customized interfaces.
Around the backbone of a robust Airport Operational Database, GroundStar provides the platform to manage processes and data flows in a most efficient way. Manual work and cobweb-type interfacing to legacy systems disappear.
A message-broker, automated mobile communications and web browsing enable the availability of information when and where it is needed.
GroundStar have led to savings in excess of 11 % and often significantly higher, with typical ROIs of 5 to 15 months.

GroundStar solutions:

  • Turnaround Management
  • Transfer Management
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Gates and Stands Management
  • Workforce Management
  • Passenger Services
  • Special Services
  • Ramp Services
  • Deicing
  • GSE Management

Sirius Technology is the Italian Partener of INFORM Software for: 



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