You can bring your personnel requirements and the personal qualities and interests of your employees into perfect balance.

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Pianificazione Risorse Umane

Nowadays in labor-intensive companies the “human resources” is not only gaining more and more relevance, but it is the focus of future optimization efforts. The contribution of the single human resources becomes a key factor to increase the competitiveness.

SP-Expert of Interflex GmbH is the personnel scheduling solution natively oriented to optimization and fully integrated with company’s administrative systems.
SP-Expert allows to increase the quality of company services reducing at the same time personnel related costs and making the whole organization more efficient. It is a powerful control system which permits to manage the whole planning process during its phases: strategic, tactic, operational.
With SP-Expert each department can manage all the company data related to the usage of the “human capital”.
Both employee scheduling information and given service accounting data are always up-to-date and available to whom are in charge.
All key indicators can be easily monitored: figures concerning demand coverage, personnel related costs, working time accounts and balances, training hours, absence and attendance scheduling and trends are available at a glance.

Sp-Expert is used in following segments:

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