Workforce Productivity for Contact and Support Centers

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Contact Center

Only those who understand the complexity will be able to master the details. 
Workforce Management alone no longer meets the demands of today’’s call-­center market. Hours worked in regard to ‘‘supply and demand’’ has become too simplistic. Stiff competition and a highly-specialized workforce mandates comprehensive solutions that are as unique and flexible in their implementation as your company.
Sirius Technology proposes the modular solution of Workforce Productivity, based on the core Sp-Expert and other customized modules. Due to transparency and excellence on all levels, Sp-Expert suite not only enables you to make quality products, but also to earn your customers’’ loyalty, acquiring new customers and yielding better business results.

Workforce Productivity solutions are unique because they employ a multi-dimensional perspective, considering not only all the spheres of influence but also their interaction throughout various planning phases. Specific spheres of influences and leading questions associated with them include:
•• Your company – What kind of company culture would you like to create?
•• Your employees – How shall your employees be integrated into business and planning processes and which communication style shall be applied?
•• Your business – Are you a generalist, a specialist, an in-house Call center or a service provider? And, what are the requirements resulting from the above mentioned for your planning and control ling processes?
•• Your customers –– What measures have to be taken to strengthen your individual customer basis?
Workforce Productivity provides all the relevant data on each sphere of influence and at any phase of the planning process so as to enable you to take the right decisions not only with regard to the long-term strategic approach but also in medium-term tactical management and in operative daily business.
Our Workforce Productivity solutions include the following:
•• Labor time and process management consultancy by industry experts
•• Established management information systems providing the required key figures
•• IT-­solutions on modular basis which can be combined so as to meet your requirements
•• Complete integration into existing systems and process environments
With Workforce Productivity, you rather focus on integrated solutions than on partial ones. Design your market success with Interflex Workforce Productivity solutions.
They help you to always be the decisive step ahead of your competitors.

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